About Us

Like many little girls, I was horse crazy. However, my parents knew nothing about them. So even though we lived on a farm, I was not allowed a horse. I got my “fix” anyway I could—including mucking stalls in exchange for lessons. 

At the age of 21, I bought a farm of my own and a horse was the first thing on my list. He was a jerk, of course; aren’t all first horses? But maybe it’s in my nature to never pick the easy path…a few horses later my heart horse would come into my life, and she was the toughest yet. A 7-year-old Friesian sport horse that had never left her stall. I paid $25 for her. It took me six months, working with her at her old owner’s place, before I could get her into the trailer. She was aggressive and scared of the world. She broke through my fence the first night…she had to learn how to be in a large space. But we built a bond, and she is still my heart horse., and she's featured in a lot of product photos because she's so beautiful. 

She taught me many things, including one size fits all DOES NOT work in horse tack! She has a dainty Arabian nose and large draft head. I went to a local tack place to have them make something. It took several attempts for them to try and make something that would work. They failed every time, and the quality wasn’t great.

I was offered a job making tack and I took it. That was ten years ago, and I’ve been learning leatherworking ever since.

Unfortunately, by the time I made my first bridle, Breezy had been diagnosed with DSLD and could no longer be ridden. RIP my sweet girl. I felt it a shame that such a nice piece of equipment was not being used, so I posted it on Facebook. It sold in five minutes; it was a sign!

In March 2020 I officially launched Royal Legacy Custom Leather a mission to create custom horse tack made to fit any horse from quality materials that will last.


The Royal Legacy Difference

I use only 100% Herman Oak leather from the U.S. They use a traditional tanning process that takes 3 months for one hide. The leather is soft, supple and will last for years.

My fittings are the highest quality as well. Real stainless steel for the “silver” pieces and solid brass for the “gold.” No plating that will chip or weak insides that break. Conchos, buckles, rings and other decorations are made by artisans in Germany, Portugal, Spain and France. These are small operations
that are as dedicated to their craft as I am. I also have incredibly detailed conchos that are hand-carved by a man in the U.S. You will not find my fittings sold anywhere else.

I can make any piece of custom horse tack you can think of, and it will fit your horse. From minis to drafts, and every size in between. Whether you need a sidepull, bridle, halter, breast collar, reins or anything else you can think of, I can create it for you.

I’ve created custom western show halters, custom breast collars, custom English bridles, custom reins and more.

My wish is that your Royal Legacy tack outlasts you and your heart horse, to be passed on to your children for generations, the way beautiful, quality tack should be.