How to Measure

Detailed Videos are on my Youtube channel. 

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How to measure your horse/pony/draft/donkey:

For regular Bit bridles:

1. Full crown measurement including bit to be used with bridle

2. Throat latch circumference (Full circumference when buckled at the hole the horse uses it on)

3. Browband 

4. Nose circumference (if bridle offers a noseband)

video coming soon!


For cross-over bit bridles:

Same as above I'm addition to

5. Face cross-over measurement 


For bit-less bridles:

1. Browband 

2. Nose circumference 

3. Crown measurement 

4. Jowl strap 

If it's a bitless crossover bridle:

5. Face cross over measurement 

Breast collar:

1. Center of chest to dee ring on saddle

2. Center of chest to where girth/girth attaches